Available courses

SafeHere 101: Getting Started with the SMO Website

Told that you need your SafeHere training and wondering how to get started with it? 

This short training will show you how to access and use the SMO (Safety Management Online) website, so you can get started with your training.

You will learn how to log in, reset your password, update your details, and navigate the site.

SafeHere 102: Team Member Training

This course guides you through SafeHere Team Member training modules and assessment. 

You will be guided through:

  • Viewing the Nelson Diocese Team Member training videos
  • Accessing the SMO online training
  • Accessing the SMO online assessment

This course includes additional materials to the standard online learning modules.

SafeHere 201: SafeHere Team Leader Training (L1)

This is a ready-to-use Beta Edition of the first of the Team Leader Courses (L1). It has not yet been used extensively, so please be liberal with feedback to hs@nelsonanglican.nz


SafeHere 202: SafeHere Team Leader (L2) - Safety Management Principals & Permission to Proceed

This course is under construction. Feel free to use what is here - but the course is currently incomplete.

Coordinator 301: The SafeHere Coordinator Role

Congratulations, you passed your SafeHere Coordinator test and have been asked to be the SafeHere Coordinator! 😀

Now what?  

This brief course sets out to provide some focus for the SafeHere Coordinator roles.

Coordinator 303: SafeHere Appointment Processes

This course takes you through the whole process of setting up a new person in the SMO and getting them to the point of being SafeHere "Approved" and ready to serve.

Image Attribution: Volunteer by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free

Boundaries 101: Essential Boundaries in Church Ministry (Introduction)

This course introduces the topic of Ministry Boundaries - the behaviour boundaries that keep our ministry safe. It is designed for people involved in Lay Ministry and Parish Leaders.